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We pride ourselves on providing you with a trustworthy and reliable service. With the support of our experienced agents, we look forward to assisting you with all of your migration needs.

Michael Chimbwanda

We offer you the opportunity to meet Michael Chimbwanda our Senior imigration Expers having a profound knowledge of all Visa Applications.

Michael ensures that every application receives the same level of scrutiny and legal application to ensure a positive outcome for you and your future. "I also understand the frustrations, concerns and stresses that my clients experience in this very important step in their lives. I keep my clients up to date with every step along the way in their journey to a new life."

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Community Engagement / Settlement

I embrace Zimbabwe's cultural diversity and acceptance, and aim to educate the Zimbabwean community regarding the importance of migration both historically and in the present. I advise our clients to establish themselves in Zimbabwe in all facets of community life including education, employment, health and welfare. I surround myself with organisations and individuals which can assist our clients in their transition into life in another country.